5 Ways America Changed During the Obama Years

American public opinion changed in significant ways over the course of Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House, including on issues such as the economy, race relations, and the level of confidence the public has in different aspects or actors in the government. Many of these changes were the […] Read more »

Teen use of any illicit drug other than marijuana at new low, same true for alcohol

Teenagers’ use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco declined significantly in 2016 at rates that are at their lowest since the 1990s, a new national study showed. But University of Michigan researchers cautioned that while these developments are “trending in the right direction,” marijuana still remains high for 12th-graders. CONT. U. […] Read more »

58% Back Legal Marijuana Use

A majority of Americans continue to say marijuana use should be legal in the United States, with 58% holding that view, tying the high point in Gallup’s 46-year trend. CONT. Jeffrey M. Jones, Gallup Read more »

Social Issues Draw Lines Between Republicans, Other Voters

Social issues are tricky terrain for Republican presidential hopefuls, the new WSJ/NBC News poll underscores. On a series of “trends in American society today” – including tightening abortion restrictions and increasing legislation protecting gays and lesbians – Americans who identify as Republicans have different beliefs about the direction the country […] Read more »