The Republican Party’s White Strategy

… Although trump has broken with his party’s establishment on many issues, immigration has been the most central to his rise. … Until recently, immigration did not sharply divide the two national parties. In 1986, 42 percent of House Republicans, along with 64 percent of House Democrats, voted for a […] Read more »

So Trump is a populist. When does populism actually win elections?

… In many other democracies parties, not voters, select candidates. In these other democracies, we do not see more radical candidates, like Trump, rise to prominent positions within the party because members of the party fall in line behind party leaders. … The U.S. two-party system has no room for […] Read more »

Le Pen, Berlusconi and the Triggers for Trumpism

… Mr. Trump blurs the left/right ideological divide, combining extreme views on issues like immigration with more moderate positions on others like Social Security and Medicare. He’s pulled this off by bypassing the American party system (with few exceptions, the G.O.P. establishment has not supported Mr. Trump) and substituting a […] Read more »