Trump Seen as Less Conservative Than Prior GOP Candidates

Donald Trump’s political views, in the eyes of U.S. registered voters, are the least conservative of GOP presidential candidates in recent history. About six in 10 registered voters have viewed recent Republican nominees as conservative or very conservative, with George W. Bush’s 68% in 2004 the highest. CONT. Justin McCarthy, […] Read more »

Tales and takeaways from 28 years of covering the Wisconsin Primary

Welcome to the most important Wisconsin presidential primary since Kennedy beat Humphrey — and maybe the wildest ever. I’ve only covered the last eight. This is one is in a league of its own, but there are threads that connect it to the past. CONT. Craig Gilbert, Journal Sentinel Read more »

Secretary of State John Kerry’s Image Improves

Secretary of State John Kerry arrives in Cuba on Friday to raise the flag over the once-shuttered U.S. embassy there. Nearly half of Americans (48%) currently view Kerry favorably. This is up seven percentage points from a July poll conducted just prior to the diplomatic breakthrough that led to an […] Read more »

The Mystery of the Missing Evangelicals

Republicans haven’t won the presidency for two cycles now — and, for many party faithful, a perceived lack of support among evangelical voters is to blame. … The missing evangelical vote has been cited as a key factor by 2016 GOP hopefuls such as Sen. Ted Cruz and former tech […] Read more »

Secretary of State Kerry’s Favorability Rising in the U.S.

As Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Kiev, Ukraine, this week to show solidarity with the interim Ukrainian government, a recent Gallup poll finds that a majority of Americans have a generally favorable view of the secretary. Fifty-five percent in the U.S. view Kerry favorably, up seven percentage points […] Read more »

Chris Christie’s Midterm Marker

Probably no election this year has been more important to the presidential politics of 2016 than Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s landslide 60% reelection victory in Democratic-leaning New Jersey. It cemented his place in the front ranks of Republican presidential contenders by demonstrating his vote-getting appeal to constituencies that the GOP […] Read more »