CBS/YouGov online poll: South Carolina still solidly for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton

The CBS News Battleground Tracker poll shows that Donald Trump keeps a large lead in South Carolina, bolstered by support from conservatives and also from evangelical voters, who make up a large share of the electorate here. … Hillary Clinton keeps her large lead in South Carolina, which has narrowed […] Read more »

Charlie Cook on the New Hampshire Primary

… Cruz has locked up the conservative lane and Trump has the populist; the establishment/conventional wing of the GOP remains badly splintered. Rubio had a chance to break away from the pack in New Hampshire, but blew it with his performance in the last debate. … Apparently Clinton is about […] Read more »

Trump’s Two Victories in New Hampshire

Donald Trump won twice in New Hampshire last night: once because he transcended many of the Republican Party’s historic divides, and a second time because the voters most resistant to him remained fragmented. With his commanding New Hampshire win, Trump demonstrated again that his maverick appeal has replaced many of […] Read more »

Seven takeaways from the New Hampshire primary exit polls

The New Hampshire primary is usually known as the graveyard of pollsters, but not this year. In this case, the polls generally got it right. As predicted, businessman Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, carried the night by double-digit margins over their competitors. And that’s just one of the […] Read more »

PredictWise: New Hampshire Recap

New Hampshire happened exactly as expected with Donald Trump and John Kasich finishing first and second in the Republican primary and Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic primary. … Marco Rubio’s finish is a failure and a confirmation that his poor debate performance on Saturday, February 6 was interpreted poorly by […] Read more »

Pushback Against the Political Order Boosts Both Trump and Sanders in N.H.

A powerful pushback against the established political order lifted Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders alike in New Hampshire, underscoring deep splits both within and between the Republican and Democratic parties. Trump was boosted to victory by broad support among voters seeking a political outsider, anger at the federal government, strong […] Read more »