How to Watch the Contests in Nevada and South Carolina

After two contests in mostly white and rural Iowa and New Hampshire, the presidential primaries finally turn today to contests that are more representative of the national electorate. For the Democrats, Nevada is the first contest with a meaningful nonwhite and urban population. South Carolina offers an ideologically balanced contest […] Read more »

Fox News Poll: Trump still leads national race for GOP nomination

Donald Trump continues to dominate the race for the Republican nomination, according to a new Fox News national poll of registered voters. Trump leads with 36 percent among self-identified GOP primary voters. Ted Cruz captures 19 percent and Marco Rubio receives 15 percent. CONT. Dana Blanton, Fox News Read more »

What to Watch In Nevada and South Carolina This Weekend

Heading into the weekend, Donald Trump is the favorite to win the South Carolina Republican pirmary, while the Democratic caucus in Nevada looks neck-and-neck. But beyond the top-line numbers here are the other key storylines to watch for on Saturday night. CONT. Amy Walter, Cook Political Report Read more »

In South Carolina, big leads on both sides

Donald Trump holds a broad 16-point lead among those likely to vote in South Carolina’s Republican primary this Saturday, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton tops Bernie Sanders by 18 points in the state’s Democratic primary, which will be held a week later. CONT. Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Read more »

State of election markets

With the Republican field down to just legitimate five candidates (and Ben Carson), Donald Trump continues to hold the top slot. The Democratic side saw very little movement over the last week, despite a dominant win by Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. … Trump is heavily favored to carry South […] Read more »

CBS/GfK online poll: Who won the CBS News Republican debate?

Immediately after Saturday night’s Republican debate, CBS News interviewed a nationally representative sample of debate watchers assembled by GfK’s Knowledge Panel who identified themselves as Republicans or independents. Thirty-two percent of these debate watchers say Marco Rubio won the debate, beating out Donald Trump (24 percent) and John Kasich (19 […] Read more »