North Korea Remains Least-Popular Country Among Americans

Americans give North Korea the lowest favorable rating of 21 countries Gallup measured in its annual update of the public’s views of foreign nations. Canada and Great Britain are at the top of the list. CONT. Frank Newport, Gallup Read more »

Americans, Japanese: Mutual Respect 70 Years After the End of WW II

Adversaries in World War II, fierce economic competitors in the 1980s and early 1990s, Americans and Japanese nonetheless share a deep mutual respect. About two-thirds of Americans trust Japan a great deal or a fair amount and three-quarters of Japanese say they trust the United States, according to a new […] Read more »

In Tokyo elections, Twitter reveals voter preferences in a way surveys do not

… In many elections, voters choose their candidate along party lines. But in the case of the Tokyo governor, issues are believed to be more important than the party. We want to understand which issues are important, and how these issues vary across Tokyo. The Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shinbun has […] Read more »