Americans Reject Eliminating Departments of Government

The American public soundly disagrees with candidate Ted Cruz’s proposal to eliminate four departments of government and also comes down against his proposal to abolish the IRS. This presents a fascinating portrait of a population of people who are very negative about government in general, and yet tend to be […] Read more »

Democrats in trouble in Senate battleground states

This survey, the second Resurgent Republic survey in this election cycle, polled 1000 likely 2014 voters in twelve U.S. Senate battleground states, with respondents evenly distributed among the states just as U.S. Senate seats are distributed. … The political environment in these twelve states tilts strongly toward the Republicans. Several […] Read more »

Mark Mellman: Where I went right and wrong

I believe in accountability; and I believe there is far too little of it in our world. People say anything they please, with little or no consequence for crazy talk. Attempting to adhere to a higher standard, each year I try to review what I’ve written here and assess the […] Read more »

The scandal attention cycle

… George Washington University political scientist Danny Hayes has described how the “issue attention cycle” results in a surge in news coverage of a new issue like gun control followed by a fairly rapid decline, which received increased attention after the Sandy Hook massacre but ultimately trailed off, following a […] Read more »