Why is the GOP Tax Bill So Unpopular? Maybe It’s All Relative.

Congressional Republicans have succeeded in passing a signature $1.5 trillion rewrite of the tax code, which now awaits President Donald Trump’s signature. Yet the prospect of lower taxes has not sold the public at large on the bill. Surveys find that the bill is relatively unpopular, with more people disapproving […] Read more »

The GOP tax bill is business as usual in America’s unequal democracy

This holiday season, President Trump has promised to “give our country the best Christmas present of all — massive tax relief.” But in this case, “our country” mostly means “rich people.” When the Republican tax cut takes full effect, more than 80 percent of the benefits will go to households […] Read more »

How tax cuts for the wealthy became Republican orthodoxy

The Republican Congress has passed a tax plan in which more than four-fifths of the long-term tax cuts are steered to the extremely wealthy, and are offset by future tax increases for a significant fraction of the party’s own voting base. Republicans plan substantial cuts to government services that those […] Read more »

The dangerous belief that white people are under attack

Lucian Wintrich, left, leaves court on Dec. 11 after charges of breach of peace were dropped. In November, Wintrich had delivered a speech at the University of Connecticut titled ‘It’s OK To Be White.’ AP Photo/Jessica Hill Clara Wilkins, Wesleyan University In August, the Justice Department decided to investigate instances […] Read more »

Majority Views Tax Bill as Adding Financial Injury

The tax reform bill is highly unpopular among the American people. In fact, a majority of U.S. residents (52%), including more than one in five Republicans (22%) and one in five Trump supporters (20%), think the legislation will mostly hurt their personal family finances. In contrast, 30% say it will […] Read more »

Most Americans doubt GOP bill will cut their taxes or boost the economy

Congressional Republicans are poised to pass the biggest tax overhaul in a generation, but Americans remain unconvinced that the measure will cut their own taxes or significantly boost the economy. A new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll finds just 32% support the GOP tax plan; 48% oppose it. That’s the lowest […] Read more »