How nostalgia for white Christian America drove so many Americans to vote for Trump

… A yearning for an earlier time, especially prevalent in rural American towns and cities like Mount Airy, helped spur white evangelical Christians to vote overwhelmingly for Donald Trump. For these voters, the desire for change also could be viewed as a desire to change back, to what they perceive […] Read more »

Majority of Americans want government to reduce income gap

A majority of Americans surveyed believe the government should work to reduce the income gap between rich and the poor, according to a new national poll. A CNN/ORC International survey released Wednesday indicates more than six in 10 Americans strongly or somewhat agree that the government should work to narrow […] Read more »

Why There’s Doubt About a College Education

… Solid majorities of Hispanics, Asian-Americans, and, to a slightly lesser extent, African-Americans all agreed that “young people today need a four-year college degree in order to be successful.” Slightly fewer than half of whites endorsed that sentiment. … On several key questions, the poll found a majority supporting public […] Read more »

In Climbing Income Ladder, Location Matters

… The study — based on millions of anonymous earnings records and being released this week by a team of top academic economists — is the first with enough data to compare upward mobility across metropolitan areas. These comparisons provide some of the most powerful evidence so far about the […] Read more »

How much money do you make?

… In case you haven’t noticed, people on the internet often argue about inequality and incomes. But disagreements that seem to be about income stagnation, poverty or inequality are often really about what we are counting. … So how could you answer the question? There are five broad categories. [cont.] […] Read more »