It’s Not About the Economy

… Elkhart is a case study in how Democrats lost the 2016 elections despite the economic resurgence the country experienced under Obama. It shows how, in an increasingly polarized country, an improving economy is not enough to get Republicans to vote for Democrats, in part because they don’t give Democrats […] Read more »

How Much Can Mike Pence Help Donald Trump?

Here’s a good rule about vice-presidential selections: Even when they matter, they usually don’t matter much. Donald J. Trump’s newly selected running make, Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, seems even less likely to affect the result than most. He’s a relatively safe choice: an experienced but relatively unknown politician […] Read more »

Economic hardship and politics in Indiana

The rise of Donald Trump should inject a dose of humility into those of us who practice political science or political journalism (I plead guilty on both counts). With a few honorable exceptions, we didn’t predict what was coming, and we couldn’t believe the evidence of our own senses as […] Read more »

Exit Poll: Trump Shows Cruz the Door; Sanders Shows Clinton a Fight

Donald Trump relied on the underpinning of his presidential campaign – his strong appeal as a political outsider – to show Ted Cruz the door in their long battle, while Bernie Sanders showed Hillary Clinton that he’s still game for a fight. CONT. Gary Langer & Gregory Holyk, ABC News Read more »

Trump Leads Cruz by 15 Points in Crucial Indiana Race

Donald Trump holds a 15-point lead over Ted Cruz in the potentially decisive May 3 presidential primary race in Indiana, according to results from a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll. … In the Hoosier State’s Democratic contest, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by just four points, 50 percent to […] Read more »