The One County In America That Voted In A Landslide For Both Trump And Obama

In the year since President Trump pulled off his stunning upset of Hillary Clinton, Democrats have blamed the result on all kinds of factors: James Comey’s letter, Russian hackers, voter suppression, Jill Stein’s candidacy and depressed African-American turnout, to name a few. The truth? In an election decided by fractions […] Read more »

Iowans like Obamacare more now that it is imperiled

Iowans have grown fonder of Obamacare as its potential demise looms larger, a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows. … The new poll shows most of Obamacare’s main elements remain popular with Iowans. For example, 87 percent of Iowans want to retain a ban on insurance companies denying coverage […] Read more »