Americans’ Satisfaction Steady or Up, Except on Race Matters

Americans’ satisfaction with both race relations and the situation for blacks and other racial minorities in the U.S. edged down from last year, the only two areas of the 28 Gallup measured to decline significantly over this period. … The biggest positive changes over the past year were increases in […] Read more »

US Satisfaction: Quality of Life First, Race Relations Last

As the nation prepares to transition to Donald Trump’s administration, solid majorities of Americans are satisfied with the U.S. quality of life, the opportunity to get ahead by working hard and the nation’s military strength. They are much less satisfied with the state of race relations, the nation’s efforts to […] Read more »

Twelve Charts That Show a Massive Divide in How Americans See the Economy

In the midst of a heated presidential election campaign, it’s clear that America is a nation divided on both personal pocketbook issues and those relating to the national economy. Some of these differences play out along partisan lines. For instance, Democratic consumer sentiment increased markedly relative to Republican consumer sentiment […] Read more »

How Falling Behind the Joneses Fueled the Rise of Trump

… Trump’s white working class supporters — who provide somewhere between 58 and 62 percent of his votes, according to data from NBC and ABC polls — have suffered a stunning loss of relative status over the past 40 years. Their wages have stagnated or declined; the ascendance of minorities […] Read more »