Republican failure

Despite all the bragging about his talents, despite predicting an endless series of “wins,” despite crowning himself the ultimate “deal-maker,” despite his unsurpassed narcissism and his unrelenting ego, Donald Trump failed last week. A week before the election, he promised to “immediately repeal and replace ObamaCare.” Yet, 64 days into […] Read more »

What If the Health-Care Collapse Saves Trump’s Presidency?

… With the failure of the repeal-and-replace effort, Trump—despite his own best efforts—unwittingly rescued himself from the passage of a hugely unpopular bill that would have hurt his own voters most. In a broader sense, Congress’s fractiousness saved Trump from having to follow through on an impossible campaign promise to […] Read more »

Zika Virus Not a Worry to Americans

Fewer than one in 10 Americans believe it is likely that they will get the Zika virus. This is in contrast to previous polls in which more Americans believed they were likely to get Ebola or the swine flu, two other high-profile viruses. CONT. Art Swift & Steve Ander, Gallup Read more »

Why President Trump has been very good for liberals

For the first time ever, half of Americans say they believe in climate change and that they are very concerned about it, according to Gallup. Thanks, Trump. Climate change is merely the latest issue on which the American people have moved appreciably and significantly to the left in the Trump […] Read more »

Trump Doesn’t Have A Mandate For Paul Ryan’s Agenda

There were so many reasons for the failure of the Republicans’ health care bill — and its failure was so spectacular — that it’s hard to tell which ones mattered most. … But the variety of unforced errors by Ryan, Trump and other Republicans obscures other, more fundamental problems with […] Read more »

The Two Cracks In The Republican Party

Donald Trump promised to come to Washington and get government working again. But the stunning failure of President Trump and Paul Ryan’s first legislative priority, the American Health Care Act, reveals that he underestimated a unique fracture of the modern Republican Party. Yes, moderate and very conservative Republicans were against […] Read more »

With his presidency off course, what will Trump learn from the health-care debacle?

Sixty-five days do not ultimately define a presidency, especially the first 65 of a new president’s first term. That’s as true for President Trump as for other presidents who suffered early setbacks. But without some serious stocktaking inside the White House after the failed effort to replace the Affordable Care […] Read more »

Why Wasn’t Obamacare Repealed? The Answer Is the Party, Not the President

… While it’s certainly true that both the president and the speaker made mistakes in handling the health care issue, it’s inaccurate to portray the demise of the AHCA as primarily a consequence of individual failures of leadership or strategy. … The real obstacle to the passage of health care […] Read more »