Nothing Divides Voters Like Owning a Gun

Americans are deeply split along demographic lines, but there aren’t many demographic characteristics that embody America’s cultural divide better than gun ownership. In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday, the polling firm SurveyMonkey published a pair of maps from its 2016 presidential election exit polls. […] Read more »

Why the majority keeps losing on guns

Why does our political system make it impossible even to consider solutions to gun violence? … As we argue in our book, “One Nation After Trump,” the United States is now a non-majoritarian democracy. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, that’s because it is. Claims that our republic […] Read more »

Want Gun Control? Learn From the N.R.A.

Is helpless outrage the only choice gun-control advocates have after Las Vegas? As the horrific news unfolded, share prices of major gun manufacturers rose. Market investors were trading on the ugly reality we all knew: Gun regulations would not change, but fear of them would drive sales. Understanding the choices […] Read more »

Lots of Republicans actually support gun control

Sunday night’s mass shooting in Las Vegas will ignite another discussion about whether and which gun-control measures could prevent future tragedies. Invariably, these discussions will fall on partisan lines. Republican politicians will block any gun-control measures that Democratic politicians advocate. It’s easy to assume that citizens are as polarized along […] Read more »

Do 90% of Americans support background checks for all gun sales?

In the first hours after the Las Vegas mass shooting, many leading elected officials in Wisconsin issued statements about prayer and condolences, but Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele went further. Abele, a Democrat who holds a nonpartisan office, said in a tweet on Oct. 2, 2017: Americans have overwhelmingly supported […] Read more »

8 charts that explain America’s gun culture

… When a gun is used to commit an act of mass violence, two schools of thought immediately assert themselves — both of which seek to explain the genesis of these incidents: 1) We need more gun control laws to stop this cycle of violence 2) Bad people will do […] Read more »

Trump, Clinton Voters Divided Over a Changing America

Americans who voted for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are divided over the country’s increasing diversity and different lifestyles, with over 80 percent of Clinton voters saying they’re comfortable with the changes, but nearly half of Trump voters saying they’re uneasy. These are the results from a new NBC News/Wall […] Read more »