America’s chaotic, crazy, challenging, great, tumultuous, horrible, disappointing year

Would you say this was a good year for the United States? For decades, Americans’ sense of how their nation was doing was closely linked to the economy. Through Democratic and Republican presidencies, through divided and unified sessions of Congress, Americans were consistent. When they saw jobs and GDP growing, […] Read more »

CBS News Poll: American attitudes toward gun violence

As the anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School approaches, one third of Americans – and women in particular – say the level of gun violence in the United States today is a crisis, and most call it at least a very serious problem. But views on what […] Read more »

Two-thirds of youth fearful about America’s future, prefer Democratic control of Congress, Harvard youth poll finds

A new national poll of America’s 18- to 29-year-olds by Harvard’s Institute of Politics (IOP), located at the Kennedy School of Government, finds that two-thirds of young Americans (67%) are more fearful than hopeful about America’s future. Less than one year before the 2018 midterm elections, likely young American voters […] Read more »

White Male Gun Owners Who Have Felt Economic Stress Are More Likely to Feel Morally and Emotionally Attached to Guns

White male gun owners who have lost, or fear losing, their economic footing tend to feel morally and emotionally attached to their guns, according to a Baylor University study. This segment of the population also is most likely to say that violence against the United States government is sometimes justified, […] Read more »

More Now Favor New Gun Laws Over Stricter Enforcement

In the month between the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas and the Nov. 5 mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Gallup found that 51% of Americans prefer the government pass new gun laws rather than focus only on enforcing the current laws more strictly. This compares with 47% […] Read more »

More Would Blame Trump, GOP for Higher Health Care Costs

Half of Americans say they will blame President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans if health care costs increase under Obamacare and if more end up losing coverage, according to results from the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, while 37 percent say they would put the blame on former President […] Read more »

Direction From the American Public on Gun Policy

The regulation of gun ownership remains a contentious issue in U.S. politics. We at Gallup have recently published a series of articles detailing the American public’s views on a number of issues related to gun control, underscoring the complexity of these attitudes. Elected officials reviewing public opinion will find, in […] Read more »