The other polls in the Virginia race

Tuesday was a great day for Ed Gillespie. Two new polls showed the Republican closing the gap for governor. Tuesday was a great day for Ralph Northam. One new poll showed the Democrat comfortably ahead for governor. … In the aggregate — that is, polling conducted since the parties settled […] Read more »

California Is the Future

America is stuck between two historical eras. That’s the best way to understand the strange, unprecedented politics of Trump, the political polarization and paralysis of government, the deep dissatisfaction of public opinion, the lack of trust in all institutions — all of it. The post-Industrial era that blossomed in the second half […] Read more »

The first real electoral test of the Donald Trump era is on the horizon

For all of the attention to this year’s House of Representatives special elections, November’s gubernatorial races in New Jersey and especially Virginia will likely offer a more revealing measure of how Donald Trump’s presidency is reconfiguring the political landscape. … With his bristling nationalist message and repeated gestures toward white […] Read more »

New Jersey Democrats: Growing certainty at the ballot box, but not in the courtroom

Ever since comfortably winning the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in June, former Ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy has seemed like a towering favorite to succeed term-limited Gov. Chris Christie (R) as New Jersey’s next governor. … More interesting than this gubernatorial race, though, is the ongoing trial of Sen. Robert Menendez […] Read more »