World Polling: Every other country surveyed would have voted for Clinton, except Russia

Pollfish did some polls around the world. We have not had time to model and post-stratify them, so these are just raw polling results. But, Pollfish did ask a few validation questions, demographics and local party identification, and the data is reasonably representative. Every other country surveyed would have voted […] Read more »

North Korea Remains Least-Popular Country Among Americans

Americans give North Korea the lowest favorable rating of 21 countries Gallup measured in its annual update of the public’s views of foreign nations. Canada and Great Britain are at the top of the list. CONT. Frank Newport, Gallup Read more »

Putin and the Populists

Donald Trump is practically alone in mainstream American politics in his consistent praise of Vladimir Putin and insistence that the United States would benefit from warmer relations with Russia. But that inclination to view Putin more as ally than adversary places Trump squarely in line with the racially infused, conservative-populist […] Read more »

Political Pollsters Reflect On What Went Wrong In 2016

2016 was a year of failure for political polling in several Western democracies. France, Britain and the U.S. were all taken by surprise after polls underestimated the support for conservative presidential candidates and Brexit. Now, pollsters in all three countries are reflecting on what went wrong. All Things Considered, NPR Read more »

No, Trump won’t win votes from disaffected Democrats in the fall

… Democrats worry that Trump’s focus on economic protectionism and opposition to trade deals could turn Democrat-leaning rust belt states into swing states, giving the Republican nominee an unexpected path to the White House in 2016. We can learn a little from students of Western European politics here. CONT. Charlotte […] Read more »

Le Pen, Berlusconi and the Triggers for Trumpism

… Mr. Trump blurs the left/right ideological divide, combining extreme views on issues like immigration with more moderate positions on others like Social Security and Medicare. He’s pulled this off by bypassing the American party system (with few exceptions, the G.O.P. establishment has not supported Mr. Trump) and substituting a […] Read more »

Hillary Clinton’s Toughness

When voters look at equally experienced male and female politicians, “the man will still be seen as more capable on issues of national security and defense,” Meredith Conroy, a professor of political science at California State University, San Bernardino, wrote me in response to my inquiry about the current election. […] Read more »

Voters, Worried About Terrorism, Look for Leaders at Home on Silver Screen

… With the Islamic State suddenly rivaling the economy as their top concern in recent polls, many voters are looking for wartime strategies from the 2016 presidential candidates. But after seven years of a cerebral President Obama, there is no denying that some also want a leader who radiates gutsiness […] Read more »