Why Do Debate ‘Expectations’ Matter?

… The role of expectations in framing press evaluations of presidential debates is sufficiently familiar that we are now regularly subjected to meta-analyses of the “expectations game” in which members of the media evaluate how well the campaigns are manipulating the media. Less commonly discussed, however, is why this practice […] Read more »

Pessimism Might Not Be a Winning Bet for Republicans

A political lifetime ago, Ronald Reagan’s pollster seized on this question to frame the campaign’s argument during his 1980 presidential campaign: “Is the country headed in the right direction, or is it on the wrong track?” … In the New York Times-CBS News poll for July, 26 percent of respondents […] Read more »

How progressive was Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech?

Just hours before Hillary Clinton delivered her speech accepting the Democratic nomination for President at the Party’s Convention, on Thursday night, two veterans of Bill Clinton’s Administration—the pollster Stan Greenberg and the economist Joseph E. Stiglitz—appeared at an event organized by the Roosevelt Institute, a liberal think tank. The title […] Read more »