For Solace and Solidarity in the Trump Age, Liberals Turn the TV Back On

… Traditional television, a medium considered so last century, has watched audiences drift away for the better part of a decade. Now rattled liberals are surging back, seeking catharsis, solidarity and relief. … Uncertainty and tumult have long driven ratings, and the interest is bipartisan. Fox News, already cable’s highest-rated […] Read more »

Rumors of the Demise of Books Greatly Exaggerated

Despite the abundance of digital diversions vying for their time and attention, most Americans are still reading books. In fact, they are consuming books at nearly the same rate that they were when Gallup last asked this question in 2002 — before smartphones, Facebook or Twitter became ubiquitous. CONT. Art […] Read more »

Little Confidence in Major American Institutions

Few Americans have much confidence in many key U.S. institutions like local and federal government, big business, agencies like the FBI and CIA and the national news media, according to results from a brand-new NBC News/Wall Street Journal. The exceptions: A combined 73 percent of American adults have either a […] Read more »

CBS News poll: Hispanics in America

According to a new CBS News poll, the outlook of Hispanic Americans on their lives, their family’s future, and their opportunities in the U.S., is markedly optimistic. And in what has been a bitterly-divisive election season, a majority of the American public thinks Hispanics have a positive influence on American […] Read more »

AP-Times Square Alliance online poll: Mass shootings weighed on Americans in 2015

… Americans say the most important events of 2015 were a string of mass shootings, including the attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Paris, plus Islamic State group atrocities. … Americans also are much less likely than they were a year ago to believe that the current year was better […] Read more »

Voters, Worried About Terrorism, Look for Leaders at Home on Silver Screen

… With the Islamic State suddenly rivaling the economy as their top concern in recent polls, many voters are looking for wartime strategies from the 2016 presidential candidates. But after seven years of a cerebral President Obama, there is no denying that some also want a leader who radiates gutsiness […] Read more »

Star Wars Sequel Or Iowa Caucuses: Americans Equally Excited About Both

Maybe Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Hillary Clinton actually can compete with Stormtroopers, General Hux, and a robot named BB-8. With the Iowa caucuses now just 10 weeks away, Americans surveyed in the latest Bloomberg Politics national poll say they are as excited about the first-in-the-nation presidential nomination balloting as […] Read more »