Most Americans say Trump, Congress not doing enough to stop mass shootings

More than 6 in 10 Americans fault Congress and President Trump for not doing enough to prevent mass shootings, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, with most Americans continuing to say these incidents are more reflective of problems identifying and addressing mental health issues than inadequate gun laws. […] Read more »

Most see inaction on mass shootings; mental health screening is a priority

Large majorities of Americans say neither President Donald Trump nor Congress are doing enough to try to prevent mass shootings like the one that took 17 lives in Parkland, Florida, last week, with improved mental health screening and treatment leading the public’s preferences for action. CONT. Gary Langer, ABC News Read more »

Majorities Express Favorable Opinions of Several Federal Agencies, Including the FBI

The public continues to express favorable opinions of a number of federal agencies and departments. And while positive opinions of the FBI among Republicans have slipped since early last year, two-thirds of Americans – including a majority of Republicans – view the bureau favorably. The public rates the 10 agencies […] Read more »

No Missing Link: Knowledge Predicts Acceptance of Evolution in the United States

Americans have a fraught relationship with evolutionary theory. Despite widespread acceptance of this theory in the scientific community (Funk and Rainie 2015), public-opinion surveys have demonstrated that 38% of Americans identify as creationists (Swift 2017) and 52% disagree that human beings developed from earlier species of animals (National Science Board […] Read more »

Exploring ‘Truth Decay’

Over the past two decades, the role of facts and analysis in American public life has been diminishing, posing a threat to democracy and policymaking. With donor support, RAND president and CEO Michael Rich initiated a project with RAND political scientist Jennifer Kavanagh to investigate the phenomenon of “Truth Decay.” […] Read more »

New Study Gives Americans in Fragile Communities a Voice

Job shortages, inadequate access to higher education, health problems and high crime rates are the most common obstacles that fragile-community residents in the U.S. face in achieving the American dream. This confluence of challenges represents a powerful barrier to opportunity for many of those living in the nation’s disadvantaged communities. […] Read more »

Satisfaction With Military, Security and Economy Rises

Ahead of President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, Americans are substantially more satisfied with the nation’s military strength, security from terrorism and the state of the economy than they were at the end of Barack Obama’s presidency in early 2017. CONT. RJ Reinhart, Gallup Read more »

Economic Issues Decline Among Public’s Policy Priorities

The public’s improving economic outlook is reflected in its policy agenda for President Trump and Congress in the coming year. Economic issues – improving the job situation, strengthening the economy and reducing the budget deficit – are viewed as less important policy priorities than they were just a few years […] Read more »

Here’s Just How Little Confidence Americans Have In Political Institutions

Trust in the institutions that have been the pillars of U.S. politics and capitalism is crumbling. That is one finding from the latest NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, which shows that Americans have limited confidence in its public schools, courts, organized labor and banks — and even less confidence in big business, […] Read more »