Is Trump Stronger Than He Seems?

New polls suggest that Donald J. Trump has the lowest approval and favorability ratings of any incoming president in the polling era — by a lot. Unsurprisingly, he is not buying it. He tweeted that the polls are “rigged” just like the “phony” pre-election polls that showed Hillary Clinton on […] Read more »

The Great Instigator

Donald Trump always seems most grounded in chaos. He thrives on contradicting his aides, surprising his allies, disparaging his opponents. He revels in the tempest. … But the unprecedented concern about Trump in polling since the election also signals he may be miscalculating how much turmoil most Americans will tolerate […] Read more »

On Eve of Inauguration, Americans Expect Nation’s Deep Political Divisions to Persist

Ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the nation’s 45th president, the public sees a country deeply fractured along partisan lines. Fully 86% describe the country as more politically divided today than in the past, while just 12% say the country is no more divided. CONT. Pew Read more »

The End of the Beginning

Tomorrow marks the start of the brave new world of President Donald J. Trump. But today marks the end of the Obama-to-Trump transition. They, and we, survived the interregnum, more or less — and it was not guaranteed and is worth celebrating. CONT. Larry J. Sabato, Sabato’s Crystal Ball Read more »