Trump’s First Year: The Exurbs

At the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the American Communities Project is using 2017 data from Gallup to analyze how different kinds of communities have viewed the president’s job performance. Where are his strengths and weaknesses as year two begins? CONT. Dante Chinni, American Communities Project Read more »

White racial resentment has been gaining political power for decades

With his crude comment last week about Haiti and Africa, President Trump once again put race front and center in U.S. politics — as he has been doing since he launched his campaign. … Our research shows that racial attitudes have been increasingly influencing U.S. public opinion for at least […] Read more »

The Electability Fallacy

During the recent boomlet of speculation about a potential Oprah Winfrey run for the presidency, rarely was the question of her electability raised. It seems we have Donald Trump to thank for that omission of narrative: His 2016 election victory changed the calculation, even the definition, of electability. And we’re […] Read more »

For Donald Trump, campaigning by Twitter limited the public’s access to his policy positions and strategies

Donald Trump has ensured that Twitter is now inextricably tied to the Presidency of the United States. Over the past 18 months, the social network has become central to political communication, alongside official campaign press releases. Trump, both as presidential candidate, and now as Commander in Chief, has used Twitter […] Read more »