Trump’s First Year: The Exurbs

At the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the American Communities Project is using 2017 data from Gallup to analyze how different kinds of communities have viewed the president’s job performance. Where are his strengths and weaknesses as year two begins? CONT. Dante Chinni, American Communities Project Read more »

How Do You Vote? 50 Million Google Images Give a Clue

What vehicle is most strongly associated with Republican voting districts? Extended-cab pickup trucks. For Democratic districts? Sedans. Those conclusions may not be particularly surprising. After all, market researchers and political analysts have studied such things for decades. But what is surprising is how researchers working on an ambitious project based […] Read more »

Trump Justice Department Pushes for Citizenship Question on Census, Alarming Experts

The Justice Department is pushing for a question on citizenship to be added to the 2020 census, a move that observers say could depress participation by immigrants who fear that the government could use the information against them. That, in turn, could have potentially large ripple effects for everything the […] Read more »

Key races for control of the House as Democrats take slight edge into 2018

Democrats ended 2016 dejected and despondent after Donald Trump shocked Hillary Clinton — and the world — by a tiny combined margin of 77,744 votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin to win the presidency. A year later, Democrats are ending 2017 as the slight favorites to take back the House […] Read more »

2017 Update on Americans and Religion

The end of the calendar year provides a good time to take stock of Americans’ religion, including the way in which it remains highly intertwined with politics. Protestants continue to make up the largest religious group in America, totaling 49% of U.S. adults interviewed as part of Gallup’s Daily tracking […] Read more »

19 Things We Learned from the 2016 Election

We can all agree that the presidential election result was a shocker. According to news reports, even the Trump campaign team was stunned to come up a winner. So now seems like a good time to go over various theories floating around in political science and political reporting and see […] Read more »

Why Turnout Shifts in Alabama Bode Well for Democrats

Over the last eight years, political analysts had come to think that Democrats were at a distinct disadvantage in midterm elections, since their younger and nonwhite coalition was less likely to turn out than older and white voters. It is time to retire that notion. Tuesday in Alabama, Democrats benefited […] Read more »

The Millennials are coming

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017, was a big night for Democrats. Democrats won a lot of races they were not expected to win, especially in the well-educated suburbs that were supposed to make the difference for Hillary Clinton last year, but didn’t. One thing that stuck out to me, though, was […] Read more »