Donald Trump’s Political Stew

… The 2016 election and its aftermath have produced turmoil on the right while once again forcing into public view worrisome long-term trends in the Democratic electorate. … One of the mainstays of Democratic optimism is the conviction that a growing body of young voters — more liberal than their […] Read more »

What Dems should do now

… Too many Democrats desperately cling to the politically inconsequential fact that Hillary Clinton bested President Trump by over 2 points in the national popular vote. … While one can certainly find some recent years in which Democratic presidential candidates won majorities of states and congressional districts, the number of […] Read more »

How the New Health Care Bill Confirms the Asymmetry of the Parties

Matt Grossmann and I write a fair amount about health care in our book Asymmetric Politics because it’s a political issue that represents a particularly effective example of our main thesis: that the Democratic Party is organized as a coalition of social groups while the Republican Party is controlled by […] Read more »

Can Millennials Save the Democratic Party?

Facing a bleak electoral landscape after 2016, the brightest spot for Democrats may be President Trump’s continued weakness with members of the Millennial generation—who are poised to surpass the more Republican-leaning baby boomers in 2020 as the largest generation of eligible voters. Polls early in his presidency consistently show Trump […] Read more »

Since 2008, nearly every state moved right in both presidential and state politics

After President George W. Bush won reelection in 2004, there was a rumbling that the Republican Party had permanently broken the back of its opponents. Bush was underwater in his approval rating before the election, and his administration was hobbled by a slew of problems. But he won, convincingly — […] Read more »

The Democratic Party is facing a demographic crisis

Musa al-Gharbi, Columbia University In 2008, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama outperformed his predecessors John Kerry and Al Gore with virtually every single demographic group, handily defeating his Republican rival John McCain. This success spread to down-ballot races as well. Democrats expanded control over the House and the Senate, and […] Read more »