North Korea Remains Least-Popular Country Among Americans

Americans give North Korea the lowest favorable rating of 21 countries Gallup measured in its annual update of the public’s views of foreign nations. Canada and Great Britain are at the top of the list. CONT. Frank Newport, Gallup Read more »

5 Ways America Changed During the Obama Years

American public opinion changed in significant ways over the course of Barack Obama’s eight years in the White House, including on issues such as the economy, race relations, and the level of confidence the public has in different aspects or actors in the government. Many of these changes were the […] Read more »

AP-Times Square Alliance online poll: Mass shootings weighed on Americans in 2015

… Americans say the most important events of 2015 were a string of mass shootings, including the attacks in San Bernardino, California, and Paris, plus Islamic State group atrocities. … Americans also are much less likely than they were a year ago to believe that the current year was better […] Read more »

This Isn’t The First Time Americans Have Shown Fear Of Refugees

… Polls throughout the week showed clear majorities of Americans supporting at least “a pause” in the resettlement of refugees from the region being roiled by the self-proclaimed Islamic State. For all that America prides itself on being “a nation of immigrants” symbolized by the Statue of Liberty with her […] Read more »

America has never actually welcomed the world’s huddled masses

… The outcry over resettling a relatively small number of Syrian refugees — far fewer than France vowed to take in even after the attacks — isn’t an exception; it’s more like the rule. Yes, the United States has been generous: Since 1948, close to 4 million refugees have come […] Read more »

The big issues dividing the Republican Party (in 3 graphs)

The Republican primary debates have been emphasizing foreign policy, and for good reason. According to the 2015 Chicago Council Survey of the American public released last week, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to see a dangerous world and to prioritize maintaining U.S. military superiority and using force to achieve […] Read more »

How Pope Francis Clashes With Both Democrats And Republicans, In 1 Graphic

When Pope Francis addresses Congress on Thursday, watch in the background on the C-SPAN feed for some uncomfortable fidgeting. That’s because he has plenty of material to make both Democrats and Republicans squirm. Since becoming pope in 2013, Francis has made one controversial statement after another on all kinds of, […] Read more »