Americans say U.S. political debate is increasingly uncivil

Members of Congress are getting positive ratings for the way they responded to the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, last week. President Trump gets slightly lower — though still net positive — evaluations for his response to the attack, partly because Democrats are less likely to approve of his handling than […] Read more »

Why The Georgia Special Election Matters

The “takes” you’ll read about the special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District on Tuesday night are probably going to be dumb. A close outcome in either direction would be consistent with what we know about the political environment. So if either Democrat Jon Ossoff or Republican Karen Handel wins […] Read more »

Running to Stand Still

… Given that President Trump was once a reality show star, I guess it isn’t all that strange that Washington feels more and more like a reality show every day. There’s lots of drama (“are they going to break up/get together?”), breathless speculation (“who will get kicked off the island?”) […] Read more »

The GOP’s Risky Calculation for 2018

Scandals have typically operated as a cloud over a president’s agenda. But the Russia-related legal challenges swirling around President Trump are functioning more like a cloak for his joint agenda with congressional Republicans. That difference captures the GOP’s decision to govern in a manner aimed almost entirely at stoking their […] Read more »