Trump’s budget fattens ‘Republican’ programs (and starves ‘Democratic’ ones)

With the release of his first budget proposal Thursday, President Trump is aiming to make good on his promise to dramatically change how federal dollars are divided among the government’s departments and agencies. … These enduring priorities have become critical elements of both parties’ brands in the public’s mind, a […] Read more »

Trump’s unpopular budget

For better or worse, President Trump has displayed little interest in adopting polices that enjoy public support. Republican members of Congress ought to be uncomfortable with this approach. … Last year, the University of Maryland’s Program for Public Consultation provided a representative panel of more than 7,000 registered voters with […] Read more »

How the American military economy promotes bipartisan support for large defense budgets

… In my research, I argue that partisan divergences on the magnitude of security threats and of the virtues of flexing more American military muscle have deep roots in socioeconomic transformations that have disproportionately affected core Republican voters. Since World War II, government investments in military technology have not only […] Read more »