American Bridge Polling Of Obama/Trump Voters On The Trump Agenda

American Bridge is today releasing new polling conducted by Anzalone Liszt Grove Research that focuses on voters who approved of President Obama’s record and successes but supported Trump in November’s election (“Obama/Trump” voters). The data shows that Democrats are well positioned to win back those Obama/Trump voters in 2018 and […] Read more »

Majority of Americans Oppose Transgender Bathroom Restrictions

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans oppose allowing small business owners in their state to refuse to provide products or services to gay or lesbian people if doing so violates their religious beliefs. Roughly one-third (32%) support such religiously based service refusals. … After plateauing in 2015, support for same-sex marriage […] Read more »

Where the Public Stands on Religious Liberty vs. Nondiscrimination

The U.S. public expresses a clear consensus on the contentious question of whether employers who have religious objections to contraception should be required to provide it in health insurance plans for their employees. Fully two-thirds of American adults say such businesses should be required to cover birth control as part […] Read more »

Voters Give Clinton Wide Edge Over Trump on Trust to Handle Health Care Issues

With the 2016 elections just 10 weeks away, voters give Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a substantial advantage over Republican nominee Donald Trump on a wide array of health care issues, the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds. … In spite of Clinton’s edge with voters on these issues, most […] Read more »

Is There a Health Care Vote? More for Democrats and Women than Other Groups

Health care is one of many issues that will be important for voters in the presidential election, particularly for Democrats and women, finds the March Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. More than a third (36%) of voters consider health care “extremely important” to their vote in this year’s presidential election, ranking […] Read more »

59% View Planned Parenthood Favorably

A majority of Americans, 59%, view Planned Parenthood favorably. Although still positive overall, Americans’ current opinions of Planned Parenthood are considerably less favorable than they were in 1993 — the last time Gallup asked about the organization — when 81% viewed it favorably. CONT. Rebecca Riffkin, Gallup Read more »

The NRA and Planned Parenthood are the most popular political entities. Which says it all.

The ostensible reason that the National Rifle Association and Planned Parenthood occupy the center of our current political discussion are that they are related, directly or indirectly, to recent news events. … A more powerful reason might be that we’re in the midst of a surprisingly heated presidential race, in […] Read more »