Emboldened by Trump but Divided by Generations, Democrats Look to 2020

A vast array of Democratic leaders, divided by generations but uniformly emboldened by President Trump’s perceived vulnerability, have begun taking palpable steps toward seeking the White House in an election that is still three and a half years away. … In a largely leaderless party, two distinct groups are emerging, […] Read more »

Trump’s Pre-Inauguration Favorables Remain Historically Low

President-elect Donald Trump approaches Inauguration Day with a significantly lower favorable rating than his three immediate predecessors received when they were presidents-elect. Trump’s 40% favorable rating is roughly half of what Barack Obama enjoyed before his inauguration in 2009 (78%) and is much lower than the pre-inaugural ratings for George […] Read more »

The End of the 114th Congress

The 114th Congress has finally ended. The most polarized Congress since the early 20th Century and one where almost all issues have been drawn into the first dimension [we will address dimensionality in a future post; the current period is unique in American history]. CONT. Voteview Read more »

Michelle Obama Best Liked of Scheduled Convention Speakers

Americans view first lady Michelle Obama more positively than other key figures speaking this week at the Democratic National Convention. Fifty-eight percent of Americans have a favorable view of Mrs. Obama, while about half view Sen. Bernie Sanders (53%), President Barack Obama (51%), former President Bill Clinton (49%) and Vice […] Read more »

Clinton Targets College-Educated Whites in Bid for Swing States

Hillary Clinton’s path to the White House relies on reassembling the winning Obama coalition of minority voters and women, but her campaign is vying for a demographic long out of reach for Democrats—college-educated whites—that could reshape the map of U.S. swing states this year. For decades, white voters with at […] Read more »