White Democrats Have Gotten Way More Liberal On Identity Issues

The ongoing fight over funding the government — which may finally be on the verge of a long-term resolution — has centered in large part on immigration. Democrats want a replacement for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and if they settle for a deal without one, they’re likely […] Read more »

As the Super Bowl Approaches, Republicans Are Souring on the N.F.L. Again

If some viewers choose to skip the Super Bowl this year, one man you might blame – or credit – is President Trump. The 2017-18 season was one of division for the N.F.L., as it struggled with protests, lower ratings and declining support among its core fans. But how Republicans […] Read more »

Party switching – the Case for Racial Resentment

… If racial animus has the power to draw those with a high propensity of racial resentment into the Republican tent, can it then function as a wedge-issue, potentially alienating traditionally Republican voters from Republican candidates? Tests of this hypothesis are difficult, mostly because Big-N-data on resentment that would permit […] Read more »

Despite NFL’s Woes, Football Remains America’s Most Dominant Sport

Despite concerns over player safety, player protests, and declining ratings, PRRI’s annual survey of sports and society finds that football remains Americans’ favorite sport to watch. The survey also examines Americans’ attitudes towards athletics issues from youth sports to professional leagues, including participation of transgender athletes in high school sports. […] Read more »

Most Americans support DACA, but oppose border wall

Nearly nine in 10 Americans favor allowing young immigrants who entered the U.S. illegally as children to remain in the U.S. – a policy known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. … Three in four Americans find the remarks President Trump reportedly made about immigration from Haiti […] Read more »

Will Women Lead the Democrats to Victory?

Many think the issue of sexual harassment — embodied in the #MeToo movement — will work to the advantage of Democrats in upcoming elections. A mid-December NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey gave the party a three to one advantage over Republicans on the matter. But it is hardly guaranteed to […] Read more »