Trump, Clinton dominant as Super Tuesday looms

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are poised to lead the nation’s two major parties in this fall’s presidential election, with a new nationwide CNN/ORC poll finding each well ahead of their closest competitors just as the race expands to a national stage. CONT. Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Read more »

Trump, Clinton Ahead in Super Tuesday States

Donald Trump is leading in the Super Tuesday states of Georgia and Tennessee, while Ted Cruz is ahead in his home state of Texas, according to a trio of new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls. And Hillary Clinton is topping Bernie Sanders in all three of those southern states by […] Read more »

CBS/YouGov online poll: Donald Trump leads in Virginia, Georgia; Ted Cruz hanging on in Texas

Donald Trump is up in Georgia and Virginia and second in Texas, and he heads into Super Tuesday in a strong position to have a good night. He’s thus far been able to parlay his formula from previous states, doing well among conservatives and also evangelicals, but it is not […] Read more »

Trump Dominates in Bloomberg Poll of ‘SEC Primary’ States

Donald Trump holds a substantial lead in the southern region where Republican voters have their say on March 1, displaying remarkable strength for a twice-divorced New Yorker in Bible Belt states home to some of the nation’s most conservative voters. CONT. John McCormick, Bloomberg Politics Read more »

Why Donald Trump has a 90 percent chance of winning the Republican nomination

New Hampshire, South Carolina and now Nevada: the evidence is mounting that Donald Trump will be the Republican presidential nominee. Those who doubt a Trump victory believe that Republican voters will at some point come to their senses, while others see a narrowing field as one that favors Trump’s competition. […] Read more »

Fox News Poll: Trump still leads national race for GOP nomination

Donald Trump continues to dominate the race for the Republican nomination, according to a new Fox News national poll of registered voters. Trump leads with 36 percent among self-identified GOP primary voters. Ted Cruz captures 19 percent and Marco Rubio receives 15 percent. CONT. Dana Blanton, Fox News Read more »

10 Reasons Why Immigration Politics Will Affect the Latino Vote

As immigration rhetoric in the Republican presidential nomination campaign continues to escalate and GOP candidates who were once perceived as immigration moderates tack to the right, it is worth considering how immigration politics and policy affect Latino voters; a voting block that is positioned to be influential in 2016. We […] Read more »

In South Carolina, big leads on both sides

Donald Trump holds a broad 16-point lead among those likely to vote in South Carolina’s Republican primary this Saturday, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton tops Bernie Sanders by 18 points in the state’s Democratic primary, which will be held a week later. CONT. Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Read more »