What Americans Think About Trump’s First Year

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called 2017 one of the most successful first years in presidential history — but what do Americans think? Gallup Senior Editor Lydia Saad reviews the year’s presidential approval ratings, as well as other measures of how Americans think the country is doing. Later, […] Read more »

They Hook You When You’re Young

How do events from our childhood shape our adult preferences? I recently studied this question using a classic American example: baseball. I tested how a team’s performance at every age of our childhood affects which team we root for as adults. From Facebook’s publicly available advertising platform, I downloaded data […] Read more »

Pastime – Opening Day 2014

It’s time again to talk about the National Pastime. Baseball season is starting this coming week. (I know that there was a quasi-start in Australia on March 22-23 with two Dodger wins; that doesn’t count.) Back in one of baseball’s Golden Ages, the 1950s, there seemed little debate about what […] Read more »

Poll Finds a Preponderance of Boo Birds for Rodriguez

… Just 1 in 5 Yankees fans have a favorable opinion of [Alex] Rodriguez, and about twice as many view him unfavorably, according to a New York Times poll conducted from Friday through Wednesday, during which time Major League Baseball penalized Rodriguez with a 211-game suspension and levied 50-game suspensions […] Read more »