World Polling: Every other country surveyed would have voted for Clinton, except Russia

Pollfish did some polls around the world. We have not had time to model and post-stratify them, so these are just raw polling results. But, Pollfish did ask a few validation questions, demographics and local party identification, and the data is reasonably representative. Every other country surveyed would have voted […] Read more »

Is Facebook a site of political engagement for young people?

… The Civic Network project systematically compared young people’s use of social media for civic and political engagement in Australia, the USA and UK, using: in-person focus groups with affinity groups of student activists; online surveys of over 3600 young people aged 16-29, using original measures of political participation and […] Read more »

Australia: The Lowy Institute Poll

Today the Lowy Institute for International Policy releases the results of its annual Poll on Australian attitudes to the world. … Despite most Australians seeing China as the most important economy to Australia, more Australians place a higher value on our relationship with the United States than with China. Australians […] Read more »

Lowy Institute Poll: Australia and New Zealand in the World

… Australians hold warm feelings towards the United States giving it a high 71° rating on the thermometer scale, steady with last year’s 70°. Consistent with this, support for the US alliance is at its highest levels since the Lowy Institute Poll began in 2005. … Asked ‘which candidate would […] Read more »