Three-Year Impacts of the Affordable Care Act: Improved Medical Care and Health Among Low-Income Adults

Low-income adults in Arkansas and Kentucky who obtained coverage under the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion had better access to primary care and preventive health services, lower out-of-pocket costs, improved medication compliance, and improved self-reported health status than did low-income adults in Texas, which did not expand Medicaid. Among adults […] Read more »

Trump Dominates in Bloomberg Poll of ‘SEC Primary’ States

Donald Trump holds a substantial lead in the southern region where Republican voters have their say on March 1, displaying remarkable strength for a twice-divorced New Yorker in Bible Belt states home to some of the nation’s most conservative voters. CONT. John McCormick, Bloomberg Politics Read more »

Preaching to The Choir: How Church Attendance Divides the Parties

Why were Republican legislative leaders in Arkansas and Indiana so blindsided by the backlash against their “religious-freedom” laws that critics view as a license to discriminate against gays? One reason may be that Republicans in many cases are now literally preaching to the choir: Republican partisans are much more likely […] Read more »

Parties Trade Places in Culture Wars Over Rights Measures

The uproar set off by legislation in Indiana and Arkansas that sponsors billed as religious freedom measures not only signaled a revival of the culture wars, but also threw into stark relief the expectations and tensions in the coalitions that now make up the two major political parties. The contrasting […] Read more »

Fewer Conservative Dems in Arkansas Adds to Tight Midterm

As Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor battles to keep the seat to which he was re-elected in 2008, the Democratic Party’s declining ability to attract conservatives in Arkansas may complicate his re-election prospects. In a state that is consistently more conservative than the nation, conservative Democrats may have been the […] Read more »