Virginia: Immigration and the election for governor

On a press call held today, CASA in Action, NextGen America, and America’s Voice joined Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions to discuss the findings and implications of election eve polling of Virginia’s voters. … Matt Barreto, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Latino Decisions, highlighted some of the key takeaways of […] Read more »

4 important takeaways from the Virginia governor’s race

Ralph Northam’s convincing victory in last night’s Virginia governor’s race — coupled with Democratic gains in the Virginia state legislature, the party’s victory in the New Jersey governor’s race, a key win in Washington state, and the vote to expand Medicaid in Maine — put a spring in the step […] Read more »

Democrats send Trump and Trumpism a firm message with election night thrashing

Ralph Northam’s decisive victory in the Virginia governor’s race delivers Democrats a much-needed win, a jolt of momentum heading into next year’s congressional elections and a taste of the potential energy that could be generated from President Trump’s historic unpopularity. CONT. Marc Fisher, Washington Post Read more »

Republicans in Virginia and nationwide are using ‘sanctuary cities’ as a weapon against Democrats

Days before Virginia’s tight gubernatorial election, Democratic nominee Ralph Northam is still facing questions about his stance toward “sanctuary cities” — localities that decline to enforce federal immigration laws. … In tight elections from New York to Albuquerque, Republicans are using sanctuary cities to attack Democrats as enabling Latino gang […] Read more »

The Trumpification of Ed Gillespie

It would be hard to find a better example of the “corrupt Washington establishment” that President Trump calls “the swamp” than Ed Gillespie. The Republican nominee in Virginia’s gubernatorial election, Gillespie is an insider’s insider, a founder of Quinn Gillespie and Associates, one of the most successful lobbying firms in […] Read more »

Why the Virginia Governor’s Race Could Echo Across the Country

The Virginia gubernatorial contest has unexpectedly become a test case of the explosive politics of race in the Donald Trump era. The outcome could tug the Republican Party much further toward Trump-style racial provocation and polarization next year. Or it could warn the GOP that such positioning carries too high […] Read more »

President Trump Legacy May Be as One of the Worst U.S. Presidents

Americans have low expectations for the administration of President Donald Trump. In fact, few U.S. residents think President Trump’s tenure will be remembered as a positive one. Nearly six in ten Americans, 58%, believe Mr. Trump will be remembered as either one of the worst presidents in the nation’s history, […] Read more »