Midterm Questions for the GOP

… Republicans are like the dog that caught the car. Now what? President Trump and congressional Republicans raised their supporters’ expectations so high that failing to deliver could have profound consequences. Interestingly, consumer confidence polling shows that Republicans are very optimistic about tax cuts and economic policies while Democrats are […] Read more »

Voters don’t like Obamacare repeal, but other issues may sway midterms

The bad news for Republicans: Their base doesn’t like their plan for repealing Obamacare, and they don’t think President Donald Trump’s planned tax overhaul will help them. The good news for Republicans: It might not matter when the 2018 midterms roll around. That’s a key takeaway from the latest POLITICO-Harvard […] Read more »

To win in 2018, focus on specifics

… The historical record is crystal clear: low Presidential approval costs a president’s party seats in the midterm. … Keeping the president’s failing and flailing at the forefront of public attention is a role well-suited for the party and its congressional wing. But individual candidates need to do much more […] Read more »