New Polling on Voters’ Priorities for Healthcare After the Failure of Repeal and Replace

Our recent national survey of 1,017 voters, conducted August 18 to 21, 2017, confirms that the efforts of President Trump and Republicans in Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act already have put them very far at odds with the public and are a major political vulnerability for […] Read more »

The Struggle Between Clinton and Sanders Is Not Over

The surge in Democratic enthusiasm and activism driven by animosity to President Trump is proving to be a mixed blessing. Renewed fervor improves Democratic prospects in 2018 House and Senate elections. At the same time, in a development reminiscent of the Tea Party Republican insurgency of 2010, moderate and centrist […] Read more »

New poll: Obama-Trump voters are starting to sour on Trump

Just over seven months into his presidency, Donald Trump continues to face important challenges. These include the investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and Russia, a struggling legislative agenda and Trump’s own controversial statements, especially regarding the violence perpetrated by white supremacists in Charlottesville. Meanwhile, Trump’s approval numbers have […] Read more »

Trump will have a very hard time overcoming his approval ratings

Donald Trump’s weekly approval rating in Gallup polling last week sunk to his lowest average yet, with just 35% of adults giving him positive marks for his performance as President. He hasn’t averaged 40% approval over a full week in the Gallup daily surveys since May — and hasn’t even […] Read more »

Don’t bet on better numbers

Desperately trying to quell the panic growing in their guts and in their ranks, Republicans are spinning themselves dizzy trying to explain why President Trump’s approval rating will improve before the midterm. Their desperation arises from the president’s extraordinarily low approval rating and the impact it will likely have on […] Read more »

2018 Could Be The Year Of The Angry White College Graduate

Even with the political winds at their back, Democrats enter the 2018 congressional midterms at a historic geographic disadvantage. They also face demographic hurdles: Midterm electorates tend to be older and whiter than those that show up in presidential years. That’s part of the reason Republicans picked up so many […] Read more »

President Trump is living up to his critics’ worst predictions, but Democrats remain in need of a winning message

Over six months into a turbulent Presidency, and Donald Trump has become an even more profound force for division and polarization than many thought possible. In this sense, he is living up to his critics’ worst predictions, driving a deep wedge between his political party and the rest of the […] Read more »