More Virginia voters pulled lever in response to Trump administration than Confederate monuments

More than one in five voters in Virginia’s recent gubernatorial election say they made their decision in response to the Trump administration, according to a new poll by the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University. Offered a range of seven issue areas, a […] Read more »

Charlie Cook on Trump’s Job Approval, Tax Reform and the 2018 Elections

In this week’s episode, Charlie Cook, editor and publisher of the Cook Political Report, offers his take on the impact that the Alabama special election, Trump’s approval rating, the public’s view of the new tax reform law and other factors will have on the political landscape in 2018. Later, we […] Read more »

Democrats have a new Southern strategy

With Doug Jones’ upset victory in last week’s Alabama US Senate race, Democrats are solidifying a new model for rebuilding their tattered competitiveness in the South. Jones benefited from the unique vulnerabilities of his opponent, Republican Roy Moore, who was a deeply polarizing figure even before he was besieged by […] Read more »

Inside the Alabama election, a lesson for the GOP in 2018

By most any political estimation, last week’s Alabama special Senate election was an outlier. Democrats generally don’t win statewide races in Alabama and Doug Jones likely wouldn’t have if a series of child molestation stories hadn’t surfaced about Republican candidate Roy Moore. But tallies out of Alabama’s biggest vote-producing counties […] Read more »

Democrats Could Claim a New American Majority. Will They?

The Alabama special election for the Senate affirms that the coalition that elected and re-elected an African-American as president of the United States remains a majority of the country’s population. By combining a large and inspired turnout of voters of color with the meaningful minority of whites who consistently vote […] Read more »

Is it possible that white evangelicals swung the Alabama election against Roy Moore?

The network exit poll finds 80 percent of white evangelical or born-again Christians supported Roy Moore, 10 points lower than the share of this group that backed Mitt Romney in 2012. The shift is statistically significant and would have been enough to overcome Jones’s 1.5 percentage-point victory margin. CONT. Scott […] Read more »