Sexual misconduct allegations don’t always affect voters’ decisions

Weeks after allegations of sexual harassment and assault rocked the entertainment industry, the issue is now being confronted in the political arena. Digging into the CBS News polling archives, we find that while the public may be bothered by allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct against a politician, it’s sometimes […] Read more »

How an obscure adviser to Pat Buchanan predicted the wild Trump campaign in 1996

Imagine giving this advice to a Republican presidential candidate: What if you stopped calling yourself a conservative and instead just promised to make America great again? … That’s pretty much the advice that columnist Samuel Francis gave to Pat Buchanan in a 1996 essay, “From Household to Nation,” in Chronicles […] Read more »

Will Trust Be a Deal-Breaker for Hillary Clinton?

One topic that often comes up in serious conversations about 2016 presidential politics is whether questions about Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness will be her undoing. Not surprisingly, many of her fiercest critics passionately want this to be the case, but even some of her closest advisers are known to be very […] Read more »