Americans Split on Whether NAFTA Is Good or Bad for US

While President Donald Trump has called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) the “worst trade deal in history,” Americans are split on whether the deal has been good or bad for the U.S. Forty-eight percent say it has been good for the country, while 46% say it is has been bad. CONT.

Art Swift, Gallup

Amid Repeal Debate, Public Views Obamacare More Favorably Than Unfavorably

As President Trump and Congress weigh repealing the Affordable Care Act, the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds more Americans viewing the law favorably than unfavorably (48% compared to 42%). This is the highest level of favorability measured in more than 60 Kaiser Health Tracking Polls conducted since 2010. CONT.

Kaiser Family Foundation

Majority of Republicans back Trump Russia policy

Republicans remain firmly supportive of President Donald Trump’s overtures to Russia, even as the GOP’s congressional leaders are wary.

A new McClatchy-Marist poll found large majority of Republicans, 73 percent, appear ready to dismiss leadership’s concerns about getting too close to the longtime adversary amid worries about alleged meddling of U.S. elections and the annexation of Crimea. CONT.

Franco Ordoñez, McClatchy

Latinos and the New Trump Administration

Hispanics are divided about what a Donald Trump presidency means for their place in America, according to a Pew Research Center survey of Hispanic adults taken before his inauguration. The survey also finds that a rising share believes the situation of U.S. Hispanics is worsening and that about half of Hispanics are worried about the deportation of someone they know. CONT.


Nearly 6 in 10 don’t think Trump understands the complicated problems a president faces

About a week after Michael Flynn resigned from his job as national security adviser, Americans are concerned about the possibility of improper contact with Russian agents by some of President Trump’s associates – information that came to light possibly due to the leaking of information by members of U.S. intelligence agencies. …

A slim majority views President Trump as a strong leader but he gets more negative ratings on other characteristics. A majority (58 percent) of Americans don’t think he understands the complicated problems a president has to deal with and most (57 percent) don’t think he has a clear plan for solving the country’s problems. CONT.

CBS News

Support for 2010 health care law reaches new high

With congressional Republicans discussing proposals to replace the Affordable Care Act, public support for the 2010 health care law has reached its highest level on record.

Currently, 54% approve of the health care law passed seven years ago by Barack Obama and Congress, while 43% disapprove, according to a national Pew Research Center survey conducted Feb. 7-12 among 1,503 adults. …

The new survey finds that when those who disapprove of the law are asked about what should happen to it now, more want GOP congressional leaders to focus their efforts on modifying the law than on getting rid of it. CONT.

Hannah Fingerhut, Pew

Results from the Bright Line Watch U.S. Democracy Survey

BLW conducted its first U.S. Democracy Survey from February 13-19, 2017. We invited 9,820 political science faculty at 511 U.S. institutions to participate and received 1,571 responses (a response rate of 16 percent). …

The survey had two broad goals. The first was to learn what qualities our respondents regard as most essential to democracy. Democracy is a complex, contested concept whose definition has been debated for centuries. We wanted to know which characteristics professional political scientists regard as the most important for democracy and which elements they regard as less essential. Our second purpose was to use that same set of characteristics to assess how our respondents rate the current state of democracy in the United States. CONT.

Bright Line Watch

Pennsylvania: New poll finds ‘blah attitude’ toward Trump and Pa. politicians

Winning Pennsylvania was key to President Trump’s general election victory in November. Now, the state’s voters who supported and opposed Trump are weighing in on his first month in office.

And it is not good news for the new president, with voters questioning his job performance and honesty. CONT.

Chris Brennan, Inquirer

More than half think Trump acted unethically or illegally in business conflicts

More than half of voters believe Donald Trump has done something illegal or unethical as he faces potential conflicts of interest by continuing to own his businesses while serving as president, according to a new McClatchy-Marist Poll. CONT.

Anita Kumar, McClatchy

China’s U.S. Image the Most Positive in Three Decades

Americans have been feeling more positively toward China in recent years, and now 50% say they have a favorable opinion of that country — up from 44% in 2016 and 41% in 2012. This is the highest for this measure in Gallup trends since a 72% reading in February 1989, months before the Chinese government’s violent crackdown on pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square sent its U.S. favorable rating tumbling to 34%. CONT.

Lydia Saad, Gallup