Trump Rules by Gut, Not Brains

It’s ironic that what makes Donald Trump so authentic to his supporters is what is keeping him from being an effective president. His supporters love that he is not a career politician, that he hasn’t spent decades working in Washington, that he doesn’t think or behave the way ordinary politicians […] Read more »

Bad News For House Republicans: Clinton Won’t Be On The Ballot In 2018

… Midterm elections are different from those that take place in presidential election years. And midterm elections that take place with an unpopular president in office are very different from presidential election years that have two historically unpopular candidates at the top of the major-party tickets. Republican congressional candidates in […] Read more »

The Better Deal Economic Agenda

As Senate and House Democrats begin to roll out their new Better Deal Economic Agenda, a review of recent public opinion polling shows that the central themes and frames that are at the heart of this agenda match closely with the experiences, values, and priorities of American voters today. Moreover, […] Read more »

Trump’s approval: How low can he go?

At the six-month mark of his administration, Donald Trump is less popular than any president elected in the modern polling era. Don’t expect a dramatic reversal of fortune anytime soon. A POLITICO analysis of Trump’s approval ratings and more than four decades of presidential polling data suggests it’s unlikely Trump’s […] Read more »