Health Care Ranks Among Voters’ Top Issues for the 2018 Midterm Elections, But It’s a Lower Priority Among Voters in Battleground States and Districts

Health care and the economy and jobs top voters’ list as “the most important issue” for Congressional candidates to talk about ahead of November’s midterm elections, but the lineup shifts among voters in states and districts with competitive elections, the January Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds.

When asked how important a series of major national issues are, similar shares say health care (29%) and the economy and jobs (27%) is “the most important issue.” These are closely followed by immigration (24%) and the situation in North Korea (24%).

But a third (34%) of voters who live in states or Congressional districts expected to have highly competitive 2018 midterm races (based on The Cook Political Report’s ratings) cite the economy as “the most important issue.” Fewer voters in these battleground areas cite North Korea (23%), immigration (22%), or health care (21%) as the top issue. CONT.

Kaiser Family Foundation