Virginia: Immigration and the election for governor

On a press call held today, CASA in Action, NextGen America, and America’s Voice joined Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions to discuss the findings and implications of election eve polling of Virginia’s voters. …

Matt Barreto, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Latino Decisions, highlighted some of the key takeaways of the Election Eve poll of Latinos, Asian American, African American, and white voters:

• Gillespie’s over-reliance on anti-immigrant race-baiting did not work.
• Voters were aware the campaign had become heavily racialized and moved from Gillespie, towards Northam.
• In the final three weeks, there was a significant increase in outreach with communities of color.
• Among people who reported seeing ads or discussions of Gillespie as anti-immigrant, there was an overwhelming vote in favor of Northam.
• Virginians are pro-immigration and support welcoming policy towards immigrants. CONT.

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