This is the new ‘giant sucking sound’ you hear. It’s changing the economy and disrupting politics

To understand two of the most volatile currents in modern politics, the best place to start is with a fundamental shift in the geography of economic opportunity.

Reversing the pervasive urban decline of 20th century’s final decades, opportunity is once again flowing into the urban cores of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. …

This widening geographic separation between town and country — reinforced by a strong urban tilt in such key measures as venture capital investment and new business formation — helps explain President Donald Trump’s overwhelming support in the smaller, mostly white communities that largely feel excluded from the economic recovery since 2009. But the urban economic renaissance also helps explain the rising racial tensions in many cities, as African-American and Hispanic communities worry about being not only left out, but also actively displaced, by the new growth. CONT.

Ronald Brownstein, CNN