Puerto Ricans are a surging, outraged political force in Florida in the aftermath of Maria

… In interviews over the past week, local residents and storm refugees have expressed dismay at the slow pace of aid to Puerto Rico and have derided President Trump as callous in word and deed.

That could bring political ramifications here in the nation’s largest swing state, where more than 1 million residents of Puerto Rican descent have become a powerful and coveted voting bloc — one whose numbers could swell as more residents of the island with relatives here permanently escape Maria’s destruction. By one estimate, at least 100,000 Puerto Ricans could relocate, at least temporarily, to Florida. …

Even without a hurricane prodding in-migration, Florida takes in more than a thousand new residents from across the United States every day. Massive planned residential communities have replaced many of the pastures, citrus groves and cypress swamps of Old Florida. That has produced an essentially different electorate every four years, making Florida the mood ring of American politics. CONT.

Elise Viebeck & Joel Achenbach, Washington Post