The Power of Voice: A new era of cause activation & social issue adoption

We are witnessing the rise of what may become the most vocal generation in nearly half a century.

Each year since 2009, Achieve has studied millennials’ actions and behaviors related to causes. Each Millennial Impact Report adds to a body of knowledge about the generation born 1980-2000 that’s recognized by experts, media and social scientists nationwide. …

For the 2017 study, the questions we wanted to investigate dictated a new approach.

Researchers’ exploration of the previous two years’ data and analysis revealed a need to look even deeper and more specifically at millennials’ cause-related interests and actions: not just the actions themselves, but also what was behind them.

As a result, we developed three key questions of focus for this year’s research:

  • What are the characteristics of social issues that tend to see higher millennial participation rates?
  • What are millennials’ levels of engagement in these social issues, how are levels selected and how do they evolve?
  • What are the characteristics of millennials who participate at each level of engagement? CONT.

Millennial Impact Report