Americans care far more about government working well than the federal debt

… Each month, Gallup surveys the country and asks which problem is most important at the moment. In recent months, the percentage of people identifying the debt (they can name more than one) has dwindled from about 5 percent two years ago to 1 or 2 percent.

Part of that is that federal debt is often of more concern to Republicans, and when the president is a Republican, that concern tends to fade a bit. Part of it is also that there are other pressing concerns. Just because the debt isn’t the most important issue doesn’t mean it’s not an important issue. But given how low it polls these days, one could certainly be excused for thinking that it’s not something that people are fretting about to the extent that they’ll take to the phones to demand that Trump and Schumer’s plan be scrapped. CONT.

Philip Bump, Washington Post