Why Obamacare’s Loudest Critics Aren’t as Loud Anymore

… Since the summer of 2009, when Tea Party activists angrily confronted Democrats who were drafting the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Party has been driven and defined by outrage over it. But now, with the Republican health care legislation hanging in the balance, President Trump and congressional leaders are getting little support from what were once the loudest anti-Obamacare voices. …

Public opinion polls show support for repeal-and-replace slipping among the very groups that once demanded it. Support for the Republicans’ efforts among Trump supporters, while still a healthy 55 percent, dropped 14 percentage points since May, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll in mid-June. Among Republicans over all, support had dropped 11 points, to 56 percent. Just 8 percent of Republicans polled thought repeal should be the top priority of Congress and the president. CONT.

Kate Zernike, New York Times

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