Leveraging the Health Care Debate to Build a Political Tidal Wave

… Taking their marching orders from Donald Trump, last week Republicans in the House voted to dismantle the American health care system and undo crucial progress in helping ordinary Americans have access to life-saving and affordable treatments. And in the words of billionaire investor Warren Buffet, they did it just to “cut the hell out of taxes” for the richest Americans. …

Many of the Americans who are likely to suffer most at the hands of the Republican health care bill are the same people who had previously supported Democrats as recently as 2012. These Obama/Trump voters are one of the main​ reason​s​ why we lost in 2016, and they make up enough of the electorate to swing critical off-year elections in our favor due to backlash to this bill.

Polling conducted by American Bridge underscores the opportunity that this health care bill presents to win back these voters. CONT.

David Brock & James Carville, American Bridge