Democrats argue way back to power is through small towns won by Trump

… Throughout the last decade, Democrats pursued what was considered to be the most efficient strategy of winning in presidential and Senate contests — turning to technocrats who knew how to find their most loyal voters in cities and suburbs and drive up turnout from their base. It helped Barack Obama win two presidential campaigns and gave Democrats a Senate majority for eight years.

By last year, however, the party’s smart set — including Kaine’s running mate, Hillary Clinton — became so fixated on cranking up the Democratic base that it did not do enough tending to potential supporters in exurban and rural counties. That led to a cratering of support in those regions and opened a path for President Trump’s victory — and helped Republicans keep control of the Senate.

Some liberal experts argue that white-working class voters in places like Castlewood and small cities across the Rust Belt have abandoned the Democratic Party forever. But that viewpoint is losing credence among those who want to win. CONT.

Paul Kane, Washington Post