‘Reluctant’ Trump Voters Swung The Election. Here’s How They Think He’s Doing.

… Nearly 20 percent of voters in the 2016 presidential election had an unfavorable view of both Trump and Hillary Clinton, according to exit polls, and Trump won that group 47 percent to 30 percent. That made the difference.

As Trump’s first-100-days milestone nears, his presidency so far marked by unusually low approval ratings, a Supreme Court victory and a failed Republican health care bill — it seems useful to check in with these reluctant Trump voters. They’re a group to watch as the 2018 midterms loom, a barometer by which to monitor a newly unstable political climate. Their support might mean the difference between a successful Trump presidency or a failed one, between the GOP holding or losing the House. CONT.

Clare Malone, FiveThirtyEight