Will Trump Triangulate?

… Triangulation refers to the strategy Bill Clinton used to revive his presidency after the backlash against his own chaotic first two years in office let Republicans seize the House and Senate in 1994. Guided by Dick Morris, a mercurial political strategist, Clinton positioned himself as the apex of a triangle between congressional Democrats and Republicans. …

Trump has provoked so much hostility from Democratic voters that the party’s elected officials must hesitate to work with him even if they agree with his ideas. In late March polling from Gallup, fewer than one in 12 Democrats said they approved of Trump’s job performance. No previous president in Gallup polling had attracted positive job approval from less than one-fourth—and usually at least one-third—of the other party’s voters at this early point. Few Democratic office-holders can ignore that sentiment. CONT.

Ronald Brownstein, The Atlantic